Missing Classmates

Please look this list over and see if there is anyone here that you can help me find.   If you can e-mail me their address that would be outstanding, but maybe you only know their parents address, or maybe you know one of their brothers or sisters, or maybe you know a previous address, or perhaps a married last name.  Any small tidbit of information I might be able to turn into a current address.  Now put on your detective hat and get to work.  E-mail anything you can think of to jeffj@cvclassof79.com  and thanks for your help!

Cheryl Baldwin
Kim Banks
Mark Boud
Cheryl Byers
Brian Clark
David Comp
Wayne Cramer
Lecki Dalrymple
Lynda Degrazia
Suzanne DeLancey
Garth Dengler
Debbie Denham
Rebecca Eakin
Dave Eckert
Jeffrey Eichelberger
Dianne Fiesler
Brian Fisher
James Follmer
Jeffrey Fultz
Daniel Gilmore
Anna Gorsuch
Susan Gottshall
Ann Griswold
Zoe Gumby
Julia Hain
James Handshaw
Richard Hansen
Kevin Harris
David Hickey
Denise Hilbert
Tammy Hock
Lisa Hollen
Deborah Holley
Christine Hopple
Daniel Horn
Fred House
Janna Ireland
Barbara Jacobsen
Kevin Johnson
Kathy Kauffman
Patrick Kennedy
Soowook Kim
Arthur Kirby
Brian Krosnowski
Eric Lawrence
Anne Leong
Randy Long
Lori Lynch
Kenny Marshall
Katherine Mattice
Lisa McCalister
Phillip McGuire
Terry McKee
Lisa Minnich
Pamela Molovich
James Moore
Joseph Morton
Theresa Myers
Nader Nikkroo
Kelly OKeane
Suri Phaungphakdi
Gigi Price
Wendy Price
Louise Ranney
Lawrence Rice
Barry Richwine
Juanita Robinson
Karen Rudy
Nancy Shatto
Vickie Smith
Ken Spahr
Julie Swenson
John Tay
Jane Taylor
Wendy Tibbits
Monica Trice
John Urbasik
Lisa Vogelsong
Brian Wade
Tracy Wertz
Lori Wohler
Kenneth Yohn
Fred Zikorus

Guest Members

Linda (Coleman)
Lisa Anne (Zeigler)