30th Reunion Photos


 Rebecca (Petroski) Coyle and her husband Michael

Mr. Turnbaugh and Bret Waggoner

Rhonda Hebbard, Scott Chestnut, Dave Hebbard

Sherry and Rodney McMichael

Mark Nelson's wife Sharon, and Jeff Johnson's wife Kellie

Roger Stauffer's wife Jean, Patty and Bryan Goodhart, and Mark Nelson

Mrs Bianchi, Mrs Snare, Mrs Wingert and Mr Snare standing

Sandy (Stoner) Otter, her husband Mark on the left and David Bentzel

Rebecca (Petroski) Coyle, Vivian (Pass) Daughenbaugh, Michael Coyle, and Mark Daughenbaugh

Ruthie (Frey) Lupfer and Tina (Shughart) Pool

Holly Schwalm and Jeff Hoffman

Michele (McCormick) Phillips and Tina (Hall) Deibler

Annette (Palm) Brownawell and Kellie Oyler Johnson

Kevin Hurton, Dave Marbain, and Joanne (McCollum) Nagurny

Stephanie (Brubaker) Miller and her husband James

Winnie (Betz) Work, Michael McMillan, and Solvey (Corbett) Corbett-McMillan

Lisa McKinney and Winnie (Betz) Work

Debbie (Beers) Shughart and Michelle (Dimeler) Eshenour

Sue (Muller) Calaman, Janice Albright, and Rod Ansel

 Dwight McKee, Sharon (DePalma) Mckee,  Bruce Solomon, and Donna (Hummel) Metcalfe

Isabel and Randy Levan,  Rhonda and Dave Hebbard


Michele (Tueche) Waite, her husband Cameron, and Shawn DeVito

Mark MacNamara and Silke

Valerie (Kounas) Sponseller, Tammy (Morrison) Kemp, and Kendra (Eslinger) Sweeney

Wendy (Lengel) Johnston, Tom Johnston, and John Sica

Debbie (Wingert) Phelps, Alice Connolly, and Lori Lee (Wallower) Weihbrecht

Mr Correal and Mr Snare

Diane McDougall, Marty and Martha Mikula

Cindy (Martin) Potteiger and Andy Potteiger

Steve Dukes and Barb Carney

Cathy Magaro and Tina (Hall) Deibler

Jim Shepherd and Pat Wentz's wife, Judy

Bret Waggoner's wife Anne, Sherri and Jim Shepherd

Jeff Johnson and our DJ Ron Goforth, class of 1976, Tim Moyer in background


 Kimberly (Anderson) Anderson-Sipe, Beth (Knupp) Hanus, Lynn (Moore) McKinney

Cathy Magaro and her partner Bill Worley

Donna (Hummel) Metcalfe and her partner Bruce Solomon

Sue (Burger) Lebo's husband Ron, Sue (Muller) Calaman and her husband Steven

Dave Yoder and his wife Mary

Vaughn Ludwigs wife, Donna, Cindy (Scheibelhut) Taylor, and Ruthie (Frey) Lupfer and her husband Ben Lupfer

Deb (Miller) Armstrong, Wendy (Putt) Campbell, Tammy (Custer) Guthrie, and Brian Armstrong , Background is Keith Gilbert, Cheryl (Foore) Gilbert, and Sharon (Wherley) Basehore

Dixie (Bender) Nickel and her husband John

Spouses...Jill Heatherly, Patty Goodhart, and Jean Stauffer

Wayne Atherholt, Lisa (Hughmanick) Alderman, Joe Weller, Maria Covaleski, Lynn Deibert, and Tom Brown

Isabel and Randy Levan, and Cindy (Martin) Potteiger

Deb Biehn and Rick Fetrow

Jim Shepherd and Kellie Oyler Johnson

Mike Ort, Jenny Marshall, Martha and Marty Mikula, Tina Osborne, and Maria (Triscari) Holmes

Dan and Sandy Warfield

Lori Lee (Wallower) Weihbrecht and Trish Kieffer

Doug Gelbaugh and Maria Martens

Cheryl (Foore) Gilbert, Jeff Johnson, and Maureen (McConnell) Nye

Tammy (Custer) Guthrie, Deb (Schreiber) Bolich, and Nancy (Mountz) Garland

Kelly (Fitzgerald) Denson, Mark Denson, and Sandy and Dan Warfield

Brian Trusdell and Megan

Mr and Mrs Neumeyer, and Kellie Oyler Johnson

Jeff and Kellie Johnson

Maria (Triscari) Holmes, Sandy (Stoner) Otter, and Linda (Kreitzer) Welker

Mark Nelson and Susie (Ober) Shirey

Bret Waggoner, the Neumeyers, Jeff Johnson, and Craig Schweitzer

Charlie Wise, Andy Skean, and Mr Shenk, the driver ed teacher and athletic trainer

Tom Johnston, Dave Marchick, and Doug McDonald

Jenny Marshall, Cindi Muriceak, Diane McDougall, Marybeth (Wurdeman) Morris

Denny Wise, and Judy Wentz

Will Wolfe and Mark Nelson up to no good

Will Wolfe and Mark Nelson acting like they aren't up to no good

Bill and Jill Heatherly

Mary (Swanson) Dillon and Mrs Rogers

Mr Snare, Mrs Snare, Mrs Wingert, and standing Pat Wentz and Mr Correal

Jerry and Shara, the Eltringhams

Linda (Kreitzer) Welker and her husband Rick

Kendra (Eslinger) Sweeney and her husband Kevin

Mark Goforth, the whole way from Arizona!

Deb (Schreiber) Hubbard, and Joyce (Frak) Sheesley

Trish Kieffer and Alice Connolly

Lester Voglesong, the one and only

Anne and Bret Waggoner, Craig Schweitzer, Bill Hileman, and Kirk Bobb

Ruthie (Frey) Lupfer, Kelly and Jimmy Wentz

Anita and John Kessler

Sharon (Wherley) Basehore, Mike Ort, and Doug McDonald

Brian Armstrong, Tracee (Krach) Clepper, Randy Clepper, and Steve Enck

David Hefflefinger, Chuck Beaver, Vicki (Guinn) Beaver, and Trish Kieffer

Mr Shenk and Mrs Bianchi

Jenny Marshall, Sharon (DePalma) McKee and her husband Dwight

Lisa (Moyer) Barto, Joe Grainda, and Bret Waggoner

Kristen (Sourbeer) LaPlace, Bill Dillon, Lisa (Moyer) Barto, Joe Grainda, and Mary (Swanson) Dillon

Kevin Hurton, Kirk Bobb, Joanne (McCollum) Nagurny, and Dave Marbain

Tim Moyer and Jeff Johnson

Karen (McCauslin) Scheaffer and Wendy (Putt) Campbell

Bryan Goodhart, Deb Hornberger, Patty Goodhart, and Pete Weigher

Will Wolfe and Sharon Nelson

Dave Hefflefinger, Rob Swigart, and Bill Black

Jeff Johnson, Tina (Shughart) Pool, and Laura (Gwinner) Krohn

Keith Gilbert, Pamela (Scheibelhut) Dougherty, Cynthia (Scheibelhut) Taylor, Dave Marbain, Joanne (McCollum) Nagurny, and Laura (Gwinner) Krohn

Joyce (Frak) Sheesley, Trish Kieffer, Bill Black, and Alice Connolly

Henry Coyne and Lester Voglesong 

Winnie (Betz) Work, Lisa (Hughmanick) Alderman, Wayne Atherholt, and Tina (Shughart) Pool...now that was a party!