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William Deaner

William Deaner

William Deaner died as a result of a fireworks accident while camping in Cameron County.  He was a truckdriver for Nationsway Trucking and a member of Teamsters Local 776.  He left behind his wife, Margaret, and two children, his daughter Sarah, and his son Jesse.

Following is a note from Bill's wife Margaret:

I was directed to this site by Bill's sister, Karen. She thought we would like to see the kind words written about Bill, as she was touched by the content. She was right. We did enjoy it, and we found comfort in the kindness and outpouring of affection for Bill. We deeply appreciate all the responses.

Our daughter Sarah, who has inherited her father's love of music, found the Aerosmith comment especially relevant to her in her connection to her father. Our son, who was only 8 months when Bill died responded, with tears. Jesse realizes he has missed out on knowing his father, but your stories help to make him known.

I just wanted to express our deepest gratitude for remembering Bill and giving our children a glimpse of his past. Thank you.

Please, post the above message on Bill's page if you like. Also, if it would be possible, I would like to post pics of our children on his page. Let me know if this is possible.

Margaret Deaner

Bill and his wife Margaret

Bill with their baby

Their children, only months after Bill died

Their son Jesse, today

Their daughter Sarah, today

Bill Deaner, taken way too soon



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02/14/09 07:21 PM #4    

Alan Warner

Wow!!! Bill was a great guy! He was one that always had a smile on his face and ready to make you laugh.

04/01/09 12:44 PM #5    

Robert Hoffman

Bill and I became friends in around 3rd grade when he moved into our district and we stayed close friends through graduation. We played little league baseball together and as kids my Dad took us to the Drag Races at York U.S.30 Which got us hooked on fast cars...We took our dirt bikes to Johnstown Pa and rode trails and strip mines. When Bill got his first Motocross bike he left us in the dust and won his first race at the Farm Show Arena under our "Team Flash Motocross racing" team banner that included John Stover, Frankie Herr and Carl Osborne and others I can't remember.

When I got the news about Bill's passing I was floored. He is still missed by a lot of us and I wish I would have stayed in touch with him and his wife and kids.

I hope they play Aerosmith in Heaven. We miss you Brother!

04/12/09 08:33 PM #6    

Vaughn Ludwig

Bill and I became friends back in Middlesex Elementary school and were neighbors for many years. Rode motorcross bikes after school up the powerline hill in Carlisle Springs. Still drive by his parents old home in Carlisle Springs and remember many good memories...from egging cars to running the neighborhood on numerous summer nights. Liked his convertible camaro that I built two of my own. Will always miss his friendship.

05/11/09 10:05 AM #7    

Richard Fetrow

Margaret, I think of you and Bill all the time. I really miss spending time with you guys. Jesse and Sarah, your dad and I were very close. I got stories to tell you when you are old enough that will make you laugh for hours! Your dad had a huge group of friends. In that huge group of friends there was an inner circle of really close friends. I don't want to forget anybody in that group but as we get older our memory fades. Here is a list of friends that we hung out with on a daily basis: Frankie Herr, Lynn Yoder, Brian Goodhart, John Stover, Bob Scrignoli, Scott Swavola, Carl Osborne, Margie Coyne, awe shit I forget the rest, sorry. We rode motorcycles everywhere. We all droves our cars too fast. We all loved going fast. We lived together in Leiby's Trailer Park and we had so much fun. Your mom was the love of Bill's life. You got a great mother who I love a bunch. I am tearing up writing you this message and must stop. Bill was a great guy!

05/12/09 11:29 PM #8    

John Stover

I always think of you and pray that your family is healthy and happy. As we see on this site, Bill is so missed but will never be forgotten. As I see those photos of you both it just seems like it was yesterday. We always had good times, softball games, concerts, parties,
and just hanging out. May Sara and Jessie both know that their Dad was a loving father and husband. When you would see him he always had"thatsmile" on his face. John told me alot of crazy and funny things he did but he always enjoyed life. Your children are beautiful! I am thankful
that you shared them with us. As Rich said, he was very emotional as he wrote as I am as the tears roll down my checks. A piece of our heart was taken when Bill was taken from us.
Your friend,
Sharon Stover

06/08/09 09:25 PM #9    

Cindy Martin (Potteiger)

Dear Margaret and family, I remember the night you met Bill and how impressed and taken he was with you and all that transpired, when he proposed and how excited he was when your children were born. Your children are beautiful, thanks for sharing those pictures. The last picture you posted really got to me and reminded me of how much I miss seeing him. You,Bill and your family will always be forever in my heart.

06/25/09 08:34 AM #10    

Debra Drexler (Hottle)

I am so sorry to hear about Bill's death. I had a lot of fun with him all through my high school years. I am so sad to hear of such a tragedy. His memory will love on with his wife and children. Rest in peace my friend.

10/03/09 11:47 AM #11    

Jeff Johnson

From: Margy Coyne

I loved Bill Deaner. I am happily still in love with his family and will always be. Sarah and Jesse each have parts of him - his looks, his humor, his interests, and his kind heart. Margaret has done a wonderful job in raising them in the absence of their father, continually reinforcing the loving bond that she and Bill shared. I think of Bill Deaner daily and smile, and if any good could come of such a tragedy, it is that I learned to never take anyone for granted and to let the people whom you love know it in actions and words.

10/23/09 10:15 PM #12    

William Wolfe

Bill,my brother I miss ya. Little league,thru school, to living in the farmhouse. Life was a roadtrip;OC,WVU,Una-freakin-dila,to hunting. Pond,shed,field,chickenhouse or the keg we always had on the porch. There was always a party. Life was carefree even though we didn't have much money. Our convertibiles;your Camaro,my Firebird. Our Vettes. I wonder which Harley you would be riding now. I know when my time comes you will be there to greet and show me where all the cool places are. Rest my friend and give my luv to Margurit,Sarah and Jesse.

08/01/12 02:57 PM #13    

Mark Shafer

Just running through the website and wanted to say a few words... Billy D was a great guy and I have many fond memories along with the others whom have posted on this page. I remember the Maverick, Camaro, Vette and of course the dirt bikes... racing was always a blast and the trips to the likes of Unadilla and Old Forge with our friends... Bob Hoffman, Rick Fetrow, Scott Swavola and all the know who you are... You lived life to the fullest and all those who knew you appreciate your fun spirited attitude and friendship. It was a devastating shocker when I found out from Rick and Scott at a gathering (reunion of sorts) at Silver Springs Race Track to see Frankie... Your kids will grow to know you better from the fond memories shared by all the gang... Rest in peace my friend.

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